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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Breaking News: It Appears That The Infamous Snowbasin Ski Patrolman Has Been Reassigned

This breaking news just in.  Enjoy and Have a Happy New Year from the Ogden Valley Forum.

Via Adv365 from the Standard comments section:

Ski patrolman, Tim Taylor, has since been reassigned to another Earl Holding property and is now a lifeguard at the jacuzzi at the Grand America in SLC.


Forum Lover said...

Ogden Valley Forum has sunk to a new low with the posting of this video in regards to the unfortunate incident that occurred at Snowbasin. If we are to judge a man or one organization by a single incident then it is a sorry day for us all. Look in your own backyard first before calling the kettle black! Why does the Ogden Valley Forum take joy in the misfortune of others? Go ahead and take this posting off your site...I know you will!...Because ultimately your supporters are all mindless, rude, hurtful people that don't have a life beyond living behind the computer screen in which the hide. Happy New Year!

Tim said...

December 2011
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From the Desk of Tim White

Unfortunately, it is a tough start to the ski season, with trails covered with only thin white bands of snow over most parts of the country. Fortunately in our business, hope springs eternal, and in this case our hope is for snow, and lots of it soon.

In the interim, patrollers need to be reminded to stay on task, get along with each other, and focus on getting the job done in the best way they know how. For years, I have been a proponent of three basic but important rules for patrollers and all mountain employees to follow: Look Smart, Know Your Stuff, and Be Compassionate. This worked well until the advent of small HD video cameras such the as GoPro, smart phones with video capability, and compact digital cameras that can record video. With the advent of such technology, a fourth rule to follow is to remember that your actions (either good or bad) as a patroller may be digitally captured at anytime and placed on YouTube that evening.

This was unfortunately the case when a patroller was caught on camera this week dropping the F-Bomb while lecturing a young man regarding reckless skiing. In a very short and regrettable moment, this incident created the potential for the good will and professionalism of all patrollers to be questioned. The good news is that the reputation of patrollers as the Good Samaritans of the slopes is still there, and the lesson has been reinforced (Rule #4) to act professionally, with courtesy and respect at all times.

Happy New Year, and I hope to see you on the slopes!


Tim White

Executive Director, NSP

Deepak Chopra said...

Forum Lover,
lighten up. It is a funny video making light of the unfortunate situation. It was on the Standard Examiner's site - have they stooped to a new low also?

Get a life....with love

Valley said...

"Forum Lover"
In case you did not know, the original video of the Patrolman telling the Snowboarder to "Shut the F--- Up" went 'viral' within 24 hours of it being posted. By 10 pm the first night, it had been viewed more than 50,000 times. More than 500 Facebook comments were posted on Snowbasin's Facebook page the first night of their apology (or acknowledgement). It is and was big news, like it or not.

After seeing the lifeguard video on, we got a chuckle or two out of it and shared it to offer some New Year's fun to our humble readers.

Don't take yourself too seriously. Happy New Year.

Valley said...

Humble readers, we don't have a lot of rules here at the OV Forum, but one thing we don't like being is the Forum Police. We would prefer to be out policing the Ski Slopes.

We have received several posts today labeled "anonymous." We let one or two slide and even helped the author out by creating a handle for one of the posts.

It is very simple: either set up a Google account/identity, or simply Select "Name/URL" and make up a name.

While we appreciate your input, we will remove those posts tagged as anonymous.