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Monday, January 23, 2012

Guest Post from Sandi Tuck - updated

Board of Appeals scheduled for Thursday @ 4:30 PM
I have been unable to obtain a postponement of the BOA hearing scheduled for Thursday, January 26th. I need a commitment from each of you that you will be able to attend the hearing and give testimony about your experience with the butcher shop. Although I have no current information, the last time the BofA met, the meeting convened at 4:30, at the Weber Center (2380 Washington Blvd).

I am asking residents of the Valley why Rulon & Richard Jones are able to put a Meat Cutting Packing business in our neighborhood . Their Commercial business name is Prime Cuts Meat. Description Meat Cutting Information given to Weber County Was that Water was optained from a private Well.

State of Utah Division of Water rights states records indicate well drilled in1965 from which water is diverted for a Domestic residence watering of livestock appears to be WATER RIght 35-1634 allows one single family unit & stock watering of 18 head of stock. The current records do not indicate a valid established water right. I have the full letter. The frontage of the dock is not 70' from Poulter's Home They ( Jones) have brought Semi trucks that block the entire road Also one large 53 ft. semi that could not turn around The children walk by full carcasses and Heads being delivered etc.

They do not have parking but employ 2 to 3 people. Last but not least, The State of Utah Department of Commerce Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman says that the countys interpretation that as it stands prohibits certain agricultural industry or business in the AV-3 zone

The business undertaken by the Landowners guided hunting with cutting & processing WILD ELK o
btained off of the lot (which lot ?) is inescapably of the type and Prohibited in the Zone

This Board of Adjustment meeting seems to be pointed at overturning the recommendation of the Ombudsman's opinion that has been supported by the Weber County staff.

We need everyone possible at the meeting on the 26th to speak up on this issue.

I do have more info please call 745-6687 Sandi

UPDATE: 1/23/2012 @ 8 pm
We have received notices from several concerned neighbors and one included this Notice of the hearing  from the Weber County Planning Office.

For More information on the application you can visit the Weber County Miradi at:


Doug Allen said...

Does anyone remember when Tom Clark was cutting meat commercially in a little building in his back yard in Eden, or Steve Rich cutting meat in the back of his garage in Liberty. Everyone thought it was great and nobody cared! Caution to all you fools over there. Would you rather have a sprawling mess of condominiums similar to Wolf Creek above your homes in Liberty or just an old home town boy with some Elk on the mountain and cutting a little meat? Be careful what you ask for. All the folks in Liberty could one day be reminiscing about the good old days when Mr. Jones had a pristine mountain with elk on it, back before his good neighbors forced him into developing his property with their misguided notions.

On the Outside Looking In said...

Good point Mr. Allen. It could be worse. Is this a year round operation or something that will take place just a couple of months each year?

Clay Poulter said...

For More information on the application you can visit the Weber County Miradi at:


Clay Poulter said...

@ Doug

Don't worry about the subdivisions over here, we already have plenty. There are three subdivision within 1/2 a mile and not one home built on any of them! And now we have the roads all torn all up in the aftermath of progress that will most likely never be fixed. I wrote a letter to the county commissioners about this project to let them know about the peace and harmony that was once our nice quiet neighborhood. Now we have Fifty foot semi's that have not place to turn around. Trucks/trailers blocking the road way for hours. They were processing ~50 head of Elk a week plus Buffalo which was not part of their permit. Give them a foot they take a mile. I don't recall Tom having any of these issues with his meat cutting business. BTW. Tom was on commercially zoned property, not AV-3 and not within 100 feet of residential homes with small children that walk past on their way to the bus stop.


Know Your Facts said...

Mr. Poulter, I happen to know for a fact that most of the stuff you said in your comment is a lie. If you want your comments to be valued you shouldn't make yourself seem so unreliable and dishonest. There was one time a large Semi and after that it was always small enough trucks to not block the road way. The number of animals cut a week was between 2-15. AV-3 zoned land is for agricultural use first and no other activities should be given more importance. That's from weber county code. The business only functions for three months. Those are the facts. Is it wrong for children to know where the food they eat comes from?

Fowl Ideas said...

What does a fresh cow head go for in this economy?