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Friday, January 13, 2012

Guest Post from Ron Gleason

At the January 3, 2012 Weber County Commission meeting the Commissioners approved changes to the CV-2 zone to eliminate the conditional use possibilities for Heliports, added a Heliport to the definitions chapters and the FV-40 zone to include a new definition for a Heliport and specific guidelines for where a Heliport can be situated, 6,200 feet MSL or higher, and set back guidelines from property lines, building etc. These came about after the a conditional use permit for a Heliport was denied in a CV-2 zone by the Red Moose Lodge in Eden. Everyone was happy to see any uses off the valley floor and focused on Heliport use with Designated Resort Zones.

The Weber County Planning group has received an application for a Heliport above the Green Hills Neighborhood on property owned by Tim Charlwood of Park City. Many of you will remember that this property has a preliminary approval for six parcels that has extended two times. You can find the details of the conditional use application on the county web site at (copy and paste if link does not work)

This application is scheduled to be heard by the Ogden Valley Planning Commission on January 24, 2012. The strength, or lack of, of the new changes to the zoning ordinances will be tested.

Will we experience another case of unintended consequences?

Ron Gleason
Huntsville, UT


Paul B. Reichert said...

We need a Heliport in the Green Hills Community near Huntsville UT. like another hole in our head.
The Heliport will bring Noise polution to our community and in some cases unwanted added traffic on our roads which the county does not maintain.
The animals in the area will be driven away by the noise and vibration of the helicopters
If passed; the county should take over the road system in Green Hills.
Please vote down the Heliport application.

Jasper Lamar Crabbe said...

What works sometimes is to have all the people possible show up at a County Planning meeting on the issue. The hearing is Jan. 24th, 2012 for the Ogden Valley Planning Commission. Speak up for what you want, or take what you get!