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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ogden Valley Powderville Fundraiser is a resounding success!

A guest Post by Kimball Wheatley

Congratulations all around!

* To everyone who set up the room, the stage, the sound, the tables decoration, etc…outstanding; it looked like the work of pros.
* To everyone involved in making the play and entertainment happen…wonderful!; it was top drawer and pleased our audience.
* To everyone who badgered everyone they knew to buy tickets…wow!
* To everyone who communicated our message, from the video to the playbill…outstanding.
* To everyone who made it all happen at show time…again, the work of pros.
* To everyone else who worked more behind the scenes…it wouldn’t have been this great without you.
* And to the many I know I missed because I don’t even know what you did…sorry, and thanks to you too.

This was an outstanding community effort. Gage Froerer said to me as he was leaving “this is democracy in action…grassroots politics at its very best.” He is even more energized because our show of solidarity pumped up his political will and muscle. And think of these other objectives we nailed:

* The war chest is no longer empty.
* Knowledge about the cause has expanded dramatically, and support along with it.
* The PERPS now know that the people of Powderville are not in this alone and their scheme is in more trouble than they thought.
* And everyone had a good time.

I am proud and I know you all are too. But perhaps best of all, the fabric of our Ogden Valley Community is more tightly woven and a bit brighter because of our efforts.



Whistler said...

The event last night at Union Station in Ogden was terrific, the many people that attended the event indicated their commitment of support for their neighbors.

We are all indeed fortunate to have such friends in Ogden Valley and Northern Utah.

Dan S. said...

Many thanks and congratulations to the organizers of this successful event. The tremendous turnout has surely sent a message far and wide that the Powderville residents intend to win this fight.

Powderville Cheerleader said...

What an incredible turnout and what a fantastic event. I would have never guessed there would be so many people in attendance.

Beware Powderville developers - there is unity in them thar' hills!!