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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Huntsville a pioneer in Ogden Valley recycling

This morning's Standard has a cover story about Huntsville's new recycling program.

Click the link below to read the article in its entirety:

Huntsville a pioneer in Ogden Valley Recycling

From the article:

Recycling has come to Ogden Valley, with Huntsville leading the way.
The town began its mandatory recycling program with the first pickup Nov. 2.
Huntsville joins most other incorporated Weber County cities in bringing recycling to residents.

For the most part, the idea of recycling was welcomed by residents, said Councilman Richard Sorensen.

"The biggest objection was that it had to be mandatory," he said. "Our provider required that it had to be mandatory to be cost-effective for him. That was a big hurdle, because we don't like to put mandates on anyone."

The extra $4 a month to those on fixed incomes was also a concern, Sorensen said, but the majority of town residents supported recycling, and it was passed Sept. 3.

Sorensen said no one spoke in opposition to a recycling program at a public hearing. More than 50 percent of residents returned a survey about the program, with 85 percent of respondents supporting the program.

Town officials hope to save money in landfill tipping fees, Sorensen said. If enough money is saved, he said, those savings would be passed on to the residents and the fee would be reduced.

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