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Monday, November 09, 2009

Event to benefit resort town fight

Don't miss the Festivities this Friday the 13th and be sure to read this Di Lewis masterpiece in its entirety.

OGDEN -- Ogden Valley residents are becoming more imaginative in their attempts to defray the costs of fighting the incorporation of Powder Mountain town.

The latest fundraising effort is dinner, a show and a silent auction. Supporters of those who oppose the incorporation of Powder Mountain have organized a $100-a-plate dinner Friday night at Union Station, followed by a Powder Mountain-themed melodrama.

Steve Clarke, an Eden resident not in the proposed town boundaries, said the idea was spurred by requests for help from those within the boundaries who have already personally funded a district court lawsuit.

"They're appealing the case to the state Supreme Court, and having contributed more than $20,000 out of the neighborhood already, they asked for help," he said.

The idea has been in the works since August and has already gotten a lot of support from people all around the valley and Weber County. Clarke said more than a third of those who bought tickets actually can't attend, so they redonated the tickets to be sold again.

Residents will meet their goal of having enough money to take the case to the Utah Supreme Court and to lobby the Legislature next year, said Kim Wheatley, a resident near Huntsville.
People are so willing to donate and help because, once people understand what is happening, the story resonates with them, Wheatley said.

"Residents are so grateful and impressed by the people who have rallied to us and supported our cause," said Darla VanZeben, a resident within the proposed town's boundaries.

Clarke said the town's incorporation is becoming a larger and larger issue with people beyond the proposed boundaries, because they feel it is unjust and because they are worried about development issues affecting the valley.

"It's an egregious display of uncitizenlike behavior to try to override the will of the citizens and the law of the government," he said.

Donations may be made or tickets purchased from Chelse Maughan at (801) 745-4627 or, or from Valley Market and Eden Coffee and Cocoa.

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