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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fund Raiser hits Bulls eye!

Packed House!

Photo by Bill Singleton

The Citizen’s Rights Fund Raiser on November 13, 2009 was a resounding success and acheived all of the intended goals. The legal fund chest is full and the Citizen’s Rights Group is prepared for the next step in the legal process.

The success of the fund raiser was due to both the diligent work by all involved in the project and the generosity of our Northern Utah neighbors. Brisk ticket sales along with a silent auction and generous donations, made this effort worthwhile.

We wish to remind you to add your name to the online Petition that will be sent to the Utah State Legislature after the legislative session begins. It is important that we show the support we have from our residents. Any resident in Utah can sign the petition, so reach out to family and friends throughout the state and ask them to sign.

On this page of the blog, find the Peitition counter and click on it. Make sure to add your zip code as well.

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The Viking said...

Just a reminder, if you have friends and relatives that are not online, they can use any computer anywhere to sign the petition. You can use computers at the public library in Huntsville or use your neighbors computer.

Tell them to go to