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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where is our County leadership?

In today's Examiner, Mark De Caria remarks leave us dumbfounded. He says the issue on the Lythgoe conflict of interest is a moot point. I guess that he doesn't realize the incorporation is not an accomplished fact as of this date and Lythgoe is still sitting on the OVPC after her disingenuous duplicity regarding the Powder Mountain incorporation petition. If in fact it is a moot point, you would think that our elected County Attorney would still want to examine the recent activities of Lythgoe because of the obvious public facts that have surfaced about her actions.

It is clear the County Commissioners do not want to face the music on Lythgoe's conflict of interest actions, since they are the people that appointed her. Her actions of participating with the other OVPC commissioners on the conditions for the Powder Mountain rezone and at the same time being involved with the clandestine preparation of the incorporation petition for a Powder Mountain town is an obvious example of conflict of interest by an appointee in the County. Add to that mix, that she and her family stand to benefit by any large development at Powder Mountain, makes it obvious that this was the intent by Lythgoe from the start.

We read with amusement that De Caria and Zogmaister indicated that the public can get this issue before the County Commission "If they are concerned." Where have they been? They have received numerous letters and calls about this issue, even Zogmaister admitted that they are aware of the public's concerns. I guess it would be asking too much for both the County Attorney's office and the Weber County Commissioners to take the initiative to look into this questionable Lythgoe behavior regarding Powder Mountain. It appears they feel it is not their responsibility to stand up for integrity and the public trust regarding our Ogden Valley Commission members.

The failure to deal with this issue aggressively is as old as time itself. These Weber County Commissioners refuse to admit that they made a mistake appointing Jamie Lythgoe. When confronted with the facts of her duplicity and the subsequent obvious conflict of interest actions, we continue to witness a lack of interest or initiative from the County leadership to examine Lythgoe's actions

We should contact our County Commissioners and call for a public hearing on the Lythgoe conflict of interest issue. This is not just a legal issue, it is one of public perception and trust by an appointed County official and deserves full exposure and review.

Larry and Sharon Zini

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