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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Powder Mountain Incorporation Petition for all to view

Once again, one of our humble readers came through and replied to our request for the original Petition submitted by Powder Mountain. Our apologies, as we should have posted this long ago.

Click here to view the petition in it's entirety. We think you will see some items of interest. It is a large file that may take some time to download, so be patient.

Pay particular attention to the status of several of the LLC's or corporations. Some are delinquent according to state records and should at least wave a small red flag with Mr. Bischoff and company at the County Commission offices.

Also, we find the personal addresses of the Petitioners to be quite interesting - Hawaii, San Diego, Las Vegas, Colorado, Park City....

And we have mentioned fishy ties before with Western America Holding, LLC (Mark Arnold and Lee Daniels) being the "new" owners of Powder Mountain, while Western America Development Corporation, Inc. owns adjacent property and consists of Cobabe's daughters as principals.

According to State records, the former has a "status date" 5/14/04 while the later has a "status date" of 5/13/04. Is it just a coincidence that both companies were created within a day of each other? Cobabe's (and their Planning Commissioner granddaughter Jamie Lythgoe) have claimed to have sold the resort with no ties except a small adjacent property, but they are BIG players in the "Powderville" incorporation scheme. Why?

And according to our informal poll, only two petitioners actually:

  1. Have an Ogden Valley residence
  2. Are not related to the Cobabe's

That would be Rulon and Kathy Jones and Ricky and Theresa Stearman.

It is a large file but a worthwhile read, and it certainly gives justification to "Future Powderville" resident, Darla VanZeben, who recently spelled it out for the Standard Examiner.

Comments anyone?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To add to your note, Rulon and Kathy Jones may live in the valley and have property in the proposed town but their residence is not in the proposed town.