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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Help Save our Ogden Valley Montessori School

My name is Miss Nicole Householder and I am the Upper Elementary teacher for the Ogden Valley Montessori School in Eden, Utah. I have just been informed that the Upper Elementary class may lose their building for next school year because there is not enough money for the rent of the building.

It is crucial that these children are able to stay in this building close by to the other school campus. We need to have community and the Upper Elementary need to be near by the other students. I and other teachers have been working on and planning reading programs, outdoor classroom activities that would encompass the Upper Elementary and the Toddler and Primary classrooms working together. On Fridays the Lower and Upper Elementary join together for P.E. class here in the backyard of the school: we go hiking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and activities at the park. Having the school be close by enriches the Upper Elementary program and truly encompasses the unity of the entire school.If our school location were to change, all of the elements of the Upper Elementary classroom would be altered.

I am writing this letter to ask for your donation to be put towards the rent of the building. By April 15, 2008 I am trying to raise roughly about $10,000 for the rent of the building to occupy the Upper Elementary class for the school year of 2008-2009. This is a conditional donation, it will only be for the rent of the building, and if I do not raise enough money your donation will be sent back to you. Checks or money will not be processed until the end of April if enough money is raised.

I am not asking for large or small donations, any amount would help for the cause of keeping the building. If you would like to participate please send me the donation in the mail. If you are not interested in participating you have already helped by at least taking the time to read this letter.

Thank you,
Nicole Householder

If you have any questions please call me at 801-745-1122.
Email @
Nicole Householder
PO Box 412
Eden, UT 84310

Testimonial by Geradette Barkey
Montessori Education: Upper Elementary Class

I do not know where to begin to express all the benefits I have seen from sending my two children to the Ogden Valley Montessori School.
My son, who is in the Upper Elementary class, has flourished, blossoming into an independent, self-assured and self-motivated individual, whereas before he was shy and quiet.
Maria Montessori and her teaching method encourage children to develop these qualities, which even we as adults strive to accomplish in ourselves. Children who are helped to develop these qualities find themselves empowered to succeed at anything they try in life.
Students at Ogden Valley Montessori School are encouraged to think outside the box that traditional education has set for our children! They are allowed the freedom to explore and go further with projects. Creative ideas and individualism are encouraged and embraced.
My husband and I sacrifice financially to raise and to pay for our children’s education, but I believe with my whole heart and soul that this school and method of education are developing in my children a passion for learning. They do not want to miss school and my son would actually prefer to be sick on the week-ends!
As my children continue on to high school and college, I know that I have set the ground work for them by sending them to the Ogden Valley Montessori School. They will fly and continue to carry this love of education throughout their life.

Geradette Barkey


Anonymous said...

All of the above is true, and the Ogden Valley Planning Commission leadership will not remove Lythgoe from the Commission. Worse, the Weber County Commissioners will not remove her either. They appointed her and no matter what rules she violates, they protect their appointees. That is why we need to vote out these Weber County Commissioners, they will not stand up for their constituents. Zogmaister made told many people how unhappy she was with Bill Seigel over the PM hearings, but she never brought up Lythoge's obvious conflict of interest behavior. It is time for a change in the Weber County leadership, get out and vote against the incumbents, anyone would be better than what we have.

Vennesa said...

Funny how we can say anything we want on the internet as long as we can remain anonymous. Jan Zogmaister is doing a great job as county commissioner. Anyone who wants the truth on this issue should talk to her, not believe someone hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.