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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Meeting with the Utah Lt. Governor

A frank and productive meeting regarding Powder Mountain was held in Salt Lake yesterday with the Lt. Governor Mr. Herbert and his staff including a representative from the Utah Attorney General's office. Our state representative Gage Froerer set up the meeting and was in attendance.

During the meeting is was conceded by all that HB466 was a poorly written law, but the Lt. Governor said we were in effect stuck with the "unintended consequences". We told him that it was difficult to accept that view since the incorporation has not been approved by anyone yet. Our group was before him to try to alter the scope and size of this physical "train wreck" that will have a disastrous effect on the entire Ogden Valley and any affected homeowners forced into this incoporation without due process.

Several Valley people made the point that the incorporation under HB466 could be viewed as unconstitutional since it abriged the rights of those forced into the town boundries by first, making them part of the town without their input and second, denial of any voting rights on the town leadership for an extended period since the largest property owner (Powder Mountain) has the right under HB466 to submit their handpicked names for town council and mayor.

The Lt. Governor stated that it was possible negotiations could resolve this issue. We assured him that there has been ongoing negotiations and the latest we heard from Gage Froerer is the price that Powder Mountain is asking to drop the incorporation, is to expand the initial 3700 units at Powder Mountain to 9000 units! (We heard this from Gage Froerer just before the meeting started yesterday) This is an astouding response to the attempted negotiations by Commissioner Dearden with Powder Mountain if that is true.

In the end, the Lt. Governor agreed that he and his staff would pursue the water, traffic safety issues, and density questions raised at the meeting with each Utah State department and the Weber County Commissioners involved to see if they could help in any way or if anything has been overlooked. He made it clear that he has no enforcement powers with the Weber County Commissioners or legal staff. He also agreed to contact the Powder Mountain petitioners to dicuss their point of view on this issue.

Your Ogden Valley representatives at the meeting.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like it is time to have a "Tea Party" to raise money for legal fees for the Powderville captives. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!!!

get with Utard reality said...

Is it just me or are all of you people completely stupid!

Gage Froerer is the past President of the Realtor Association, and that is the only reason he is in office. He is a lapdog of that organization and has and will continue to represent only his family's "business interests". To continue with him in office insults your intelligence and threatens the lifestyle of every person in Ogden Valley, if not the entire State.

The Realtor Association is literally running the State legislature using bribery and racketeering. The Realtor lobbyists, Kyler, Kohler, and Ostermiller, are the ones who wrote the legislation and many many more bills which "favor the Realtor Association", and the Developers, who also contribute to the graft and corruption of the legislature: County Commission, Utah League of Cities and Towns, and by their own admission "every level of government".

The Lt. Governor Hurbert is also a past President of the Realtor Association, by the way.

So what in the 'blue-eye suzy' do you (Zini) or any of you good and honest California expats expect? Truth, justice and the American way?!

Give us all a break! You are either the dumbest buffoons on the planet or the most naive.

The only solution is to remove the cancer (Realtor Association influence) from Utah politics including from Commissions, Association of County Governments, Mayors, City Managers, etc.

The only reason you are really ignorant is because no news paper (including the Ogden Valley News by the way) is willing to cut off its nose to spite its face. Meaning the business editors over- ride editorial decisions to print any negative news about their by FAR largest advertisers. Simply look at the Realtor Developer pages and pages of advertisements, then calculate how much a postage size ad costs ($191 for only two printings) to see how much a "news" source depends of this scheme. Two to seven full pages of usually color spreads plus color booklet inserts, what is that worth? Call your local newspaper business office and ask how much they drag in from the Realtor/developer ads. They will not tell you because the BYU trained "lawyers" have a clause which protects them from disclosure. The Realtor Association has extended its incestuous and evil corrupt tentacles into every newpaper at every level in the State using "advertising dollars" the same way they use "campaign donations" to distort and corrupt.

But don't believe me. Sit back and pretend Superman, in black and white, is still know..."Defending truth, justice and the American way." YGBSM!

Representative Gage Froerer, Lt. Governor stupid are you people?! You do make me laugh though...

Utard wannabe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Utard wannabe said...

An obvious post from D-Bell or Machman, who seems to be well intentioned, but continually chooses to name call and point fingers. Those tactics seem to alienate Utards (and most well meaning human beings).

Can you not have a meaningful discussion without calling people "completely stupid!" or "the dumbest buffoons on the planet."

Then when someone disagrees with him, he takes his toys and goes home. Does anyone remember seeing his photo in the Standard announcing candicy for Gage Froerer's seat, then he backed out a few days later because he was offended by someone or something?

Gage certainly has some serious problems and I did not vote for him nor can I in the future, but if he is willing to help (or appear to help), wouldn't it make sense to seek his assistance? Besides, after all the personal attacks against Gage, he did not quit because he was offended by someone. I think Dee Bell even said he was going to leave the state because of the Utards.

His race against D-Bell was probably the shortest and easiest of any Senator or representative this year.

Anonymous said...

Well there are complainers like UTARD and doers, I prefer those that act then those that complain.

You will never change the political landscape by crying about the situation and the players. Getting involved to try to make a difference is what works.

D-Bell said...

For the record I agree with "anonymous". As for whomever "Utard wanna be" is,... you need to learn to follow your own advice about name calling and accusations.

I dropped out of the race for State Representative for many reasons, not the least of which was personal health. And since you seem to think you have a need to know, I have heart disease (three stents) and have recently been diagnosed with cancer. All the other accusations and assumptions about me having made the post are simply incorrect, although someone has been paying attention to the facts.

Have a good life and stay healthy by continuing to "jump to conclusions" Utard wanna be. You seem well suited to that particular exercise.