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Friday, March 08, 2013

Love Your Brain - Brain injury awareness presented by Summit and Powder Mountain.

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What: Free showing of "The Crash Reel", a documentary about snowboarder Kevin Pearce's recovery from a devastating brain injury. The film opened Sundance this year and is directed by two-time Academy Award nominee Lucy Walker.

When: Wednesday, March 13, 7pm.

Where: Pineview Lodge, Eden.

Why: This March, Summit and Powder Mountain will be promoting a brain injury awareness campaign called Love Your Brain, in partnership with snowboarder Kevin Pearce. Kevin was one of the world's top snowboarders until he suffered a devastating brain injury in the half pipe. Helmets greatly reduce the potential for brain injuries on the slopes. In addition to the film showing, on March 29-31 Powder Mountain will offer a $10 discount to anyone who is wearing a helmet and March 30, Kevin Pearce and the FRENDS crew will be hosting a rail jam at Sundown lift.

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