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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Canyon Update

Guest Post by Kathy Peterson

As you probably have noticed the signs telling you of the curfew times for canyon closures have been changed.  From now on (actually this has been the case all along) the construction crew does not work on Saturday nights and the canyon will be open all night.  Just spread the word that we can get a tiny bit of normalcy on Saturday nights and feel like grown-ups again by being allowed to stay out later than 10 pm.  Hopefully there will be a flagman at both lights to keep the ‘cheaters’ from running the lights and tying up traffic.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your Saturday night.  Oh, and please make the effort to go to the Oaks and Grey Cliff for dinner as often as you can.  They truly need our business.

1 comment:

matruski said...

Absolutely love the Oaks. But they need to do something about the smell inside. Very off putting. I haven't been to grey cliff but will make a point Of it now