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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ogden Valley residents tired of being stepped on

Guest Post by Sandi Tuck (promoted from our Facebook Page)
Well, it is time The nerves are shattered, the frustration is at it's peek. The residents of Ogden Valley are again tired of being stepped on 
I have lived here over 40 yrs. You never get used to it and it never stops The whole of the Wasatch Front wants us to be the perfect host for their different marathons, group gatherings, etc
That means about every week end you have to be careful where you go or wait while they do what ever. Watch for skiers who have spent a wonderful day skiing with their Bolo Bag. Leave for 2 or 3 days while Ragnar totally creates a mass mess. Rude people who just think you are a detriment in their space.
I spent 30 yrs trying to level the so called playing field. The Board of Weber County Commissioners decided to pass agri (aggravatingtourism, which is not all bad, but has loop holes we will all regret. The Powder mountain group seems to be on target if reality does not hit to hard . The water line in the canyon did not start with a public impact study and so it looks like it is all the same story different day. 
Every one is talking about rights, so where are Ogden Valley residents Civil rights?


Kevin Brown said...

Oh jeez, poor Ogden Valley. Wretch.

Johnny Mack Brown said...

Maybe it's time we had some Cattle drives about the time they have their next event in Ogden Valley. Let's see how they like it if they can't go anywhere with their fun and games.

vermel said...

Whats the use of posting a comment or opinion? When you post it gets deleted. Even when you are not "anonymous". Or were they not compatible with you view? Thank you. I quit frequenting this site.

Ogden Valley said...

Vermel, perhaps you are confusing us with another site as we have not deleted any of your posts. In fact, we rarely delete posts and have not deleted any for months. Could you be more specific?

Ogden Valley said...

Mark said...

Well, unless you live your life entirely "up in the valley", meaning you don't drive into ours to shop, dine, work, go to Dr.s, or whatever else you do, don't wine about us recreating in "your" valley.