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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

More Ogden Canyon Frustrations - Ogden City Council Meeting Tonight

Guest Post by Kathy Peterson promoted from Facebook

Hi everyone-

Rich and I just came up the canyon on this Friday evening Feb. 2 at 5:30 pm and the traffic going down the canyon was backed up all the way to the Oaks. There was no lead car and there was no flagman. 

What are we supposed to do about getting up and down the canyon in a timely manner? Should we call the Ogden Police as this is a problem caused by Ogden city? We certainly shouldn't (as taxpayers of Weber County) have to pay the sheriff to come and take care of the problem. What is this doing to our ski industry when tourists have to try to maneuver this mess. 

And what about the lost business for those businesses in the canyon like the Oaks, Alaska Inn and Gray Cliff? The curfew on the week nights is ridiculous-8pm, really? And on the weekend, if you go to the early movie, you still can't make it to the canyon before the supposed closure at 10pm. The times should be 10pm on weeknights and 12 am on the weekends. Half the time there is no evidence of work being done overnight anyway, especially on the weekend.  Does the contractor close the canyon just so they don't have to pay someone to monitor the traffic overnight? 

I think we citizens of Ogden Valley deserve more courtesy and accommodation for our inconvenience. I for one will be at the Ogden City Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 6 pm to ask these questions of the city council. Are they going to compensate the canyon businesses for lost revenue due to this project that benefits the citizens of Ogden only? And what about the dangers imposed to us when the canyon is closed and the roads are icy and snow-covered and we are forced to risk our lives to negotiate the North Ogden Divide or go all the way around to Trapper's Loop? 

During last week's storm, Rich had to negotiate the Divide where even in 4-wheel drive, he was slipping and sliding around every corner and trying to negotiate around cars that were at a standstill while he went to get help. Please join me at the City Council Meeting if you are ready to confront this situation and ask for some relief from those who have instigated this issue. 

Thanks, Kathy Peterson."


Sally Lindsay said...

Amen, Kathy. And as near as Bill and I can tell, they rarely work during the day. Of the 9+ times we have tabulated this, one time there were people working. Where is this great sense of urgency?

Another storm is expected this weekend. On the first one it took my husband 1.5 hours to get down the canyon. Apparently this also happened on the second storm. Problem: No pilot car and the lights not set for a storm. Cars starting up the canyon before all cars make it down. Cars meeting and NO Where to go. What a disaster this contract is. Sally Lindsay

smaatguy said...

Saturdays are a joke....last one had a two mile bumper to bumper line going west at 4pm...and 50 yards going east...don't thoselights have programmable timer on them? It wouldn't be difficult ti set for traffic patterns. Ogden city dropped the ball big time and the contractor is worse.