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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Ogden Valley Tragedies Leave Two Dead

Experienced Swimmer and Motocross Rider Both Killed

An experienced swimmer was hit by a boat and killed Sunday evening on Pineview reservoir.  The boat that allegedly hit Ogden resident Esther Fujimoto, 49, left the scene.  The boat is described as  white and blue with three males riding inside.

From Fox 13 news, we share this video,  Woman killed at Pineview Reservoir identified as U of U researcher

And from the Standard Examiner:

Boating victim was familiar with waters, says colleague

Weber County Sheriff's Office Lt. Lowther encourages anyone who might have been in the area to contact the sheriff's office. They especially hope to hear from three individuals in a blue and white boat who were sailing in the area, to share any information regarding what they might have seen.

On Thursday, during practice at the Powder Mountain Motocross, 16 year old Dylan Perkins of Surprise, AZ was killed.

Teen rider killed at Powder Mountain motocross practice

 Dylan is the second death in the Powder Mountain Motocross three year history.  In 2009, 16 year old Tanner Krahenbuhl, from Henderson, Nevada, was killed when the motor home he was riding in lost control and rolled over on the Powder Mountain road.


Sad said...

Both tradegies....sadly we have seen the swimmers numerous times in the past few years in the middle fork area near the Huntsville side. Many of the times it was after the sun went down and we were anchored offshore perhaps 50 yeard and they would come within about 30 feet of our could hear them before you could see them and they were not easy to see being just anchored and in calm water........many times we would comment on how dangerous that it was to be swimming in the dark and in an area that is heavily used by skiers.....parayer out to her family.

Capt. Morgan said...

We have witnessed kids and adults diving off of the boat docks clearly marked no swimming as boats are trying to tie up or launch at the docks.

The blatant disregard for the posted warnings may lead to many more deadly incidents.