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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ogden Valley Forum now listed on Utah Top Blogs web site

We are excited to be included in the new site

The is a local blogs aggregator that republishes the titles of new posts from selected local blogs and presents them to visitors in a simple and convenient manner.

The Ogden Valley Forum was chosen among many other local blogs, and you can see our posts along with the posts from many other popular blogs and forums at


Avril Menchen said...

Congratulations Blogmaister. This will give us somewhat of an open two way window to those outside of Northern Utah.

Good Work.

hmmmm said...

Avril, Is that good or bad?

Babbit said...

Time wil tell, Time will Tell.

Valley said...

Avril, thanks for the Congrats, but we cannot take the credit as Utah Top Blogs selected us.

Avril Menchen said...

Valley, take it anyway. You deserve it for providing a window and sounding board for Valley residents.

Pleasant Grove Utah Real Estat said...

I really need to get a good look at this.