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Friday, August 26, 2011

Weber deputies seeking several suspects in boat hit-and-run

From the Standard Examiner

HUNTSVILLE -- Authorities are looking for several suspects who were on a boat that struck and killed a woman in Pineview Reservoir over the weekend.
ABC 4 reports ( ) the Weber County Sheriff's Office believes the boat's driver stopped and talked to the injured woman in the water before fleeing.
Weber County authorities say 49-year-old Esther Fujimoto of Ogden died after she was struck around 8 p.m. Sunday while swimming in the reservoir.
Deputies say a bystander heard her screaming and came to her aid in a row boat. Fujimoto later died of her injuries.
Friends and colleagues say the woman was a University of Utah scientist seeking a cure for cerebral palsy.
Officials are asking anyone with information about the accident to contact authorities.

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