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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Political Process in Utah & Delegate Selection

Political Parties:“Organizations that seek to influence public policy by putting it’s own members into positions of government authority.”

Last night Sharon and I attended a seminar at Weber State to learn what we could of the grass roots political process in our State, the Caucus. It appeared to us that most of those in attendance last night have ideas about being delegates or running for city, county, state or national office.

The general tone and direction of the seminar was to explain the Caucus process for both political parties and how to participate.

March 25th will be Caucus night in Weber County. The rules and guidelines are simple if you wish to attend:

• Go to the Republican or Democratic web sites and find out which precinct you live in and where your caucus will be held. You must be 18 and live in the precinct to participate.

• If a Republican, you must also be registered as a Republican if you wish to participate. You can register the night of the caucus if you wish. Democrats do not have to be registered as such to participate in their caucus.

Prior to the caucus if you wish to become a delegate:

1. Determine where your caucus is. Go to your party website.

2. Get people who live within the same precinct to attend with you in support of your selection.

3. Prepare some remarks making a case for your candidacy VS. someone else, 60 - 90 seconds maximum.

On the night of the Caucus - be on time, do not show up late.

Probable Agenda: (usually determined by state or county parties)

1. Patriotic moment (pledge of allegiance or prayer or both)

2. Discussion of the importance of elections

3. Election of precinct officers

4. Election of County Delegates

5. Election of State Delegates

The idea of the Caucus process is to allow anyone that wishes to be a delegate, and can bring along enough support to the Caucus, the possibility of being elected as a delegate.

If you choose to participate be prepared to discuss the following:

1. Your position on issues

2. Position vis-à-vis some particular interest groups.

3. Position with regard to particular candidates.

The example given was the Teachers groups. They have been successful in having many of their group attend the caucus meetings, in controlling much of the agenda at those meetings, and deciding who the delegates

Other dates to remember:


4/26/08 - Weber County Democratic convention

5/10/08 - Utah State Democratic convention


4/12/08 - Weber County GOP Nominating convention

5/10/08 - Utah State Republican convention

This is an opportunity for anyone that is interested in being a delegate or just working for their political party. Keep in mind that this process determines your County Commissioners and other important County officials.

Larry and Sharon Zini

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Caesar said...

"Tacit Concenteri" those Latin words mean SILENCE CONSTRUES ACCEPTANCE

Don't be silent on politics. Get involved and speak up, this is your chance to get involved at the grass roots level.