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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Heavy Snow Shuts Down Road

From Sunday's Standard Examiner - Top Of Utah

"Eden- Heavy snow and slick road conditions forced the Weber County Sheriff's Office to close Powder Mountain Road for nearly Three hours Saturday.

Heavy snow began falling around 3 P.M., just as many skiers began drive home. One car rolled on its side and a few others slid off the road, said Lt. Phil Howell. There were no reported injuries, he said.

Deputies shut down the road to clear up the accidents and allow road crews to spread sand on icy areas."

The above article is a clear example of things to come with Powder Mountain Road in the future if the owners put their planned 3700 buildings up on Powder Mountain using the single road that now exists. Imagine this road with eight to ten times the amount of traffic and all negative aspects those increased numbers will bring to Ogden Valley.


Minor Machman said...


Can I suggest the "Powerville Six" take up this posting giving us the latest information on what they decide. Deja and crew are working as I think we all (except apparently Stokes in Froerer's office) are supportive of anything the "Powderville Six" plan to do. I know Kim, me, you and virtually the whole of Northern Utah is engaged in this situation.

All we need to know is what to do next to help them fight these nefarious developers of the proposed Powder Mountain Town.

The legislators only think outrageous Property Taxes and this issue has gone away. But if we have to clog the legislature and the Governor's office with demonstrations, I believe it is a real possibility. WE are getting exactly nothing, as expected, from our legislators and representative but BS and lip service.

Certainly our votes in November to rid us of these legislators, who are bought and paid for by the Realtors Association and Developer's money for influence peddling scheme, will be heard loud and clear.

They just think they have obfuscated and confused and out lived our anger and resolve. They are very wrong. No one can "whizz" in our Cherrios and trample our Constitutional rights without paying for it in the end. No one. It is inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

Are historical accident and injury statistics publiccly available for this stretch of road? I could not find any on UDOT's web site.

frankc said...

New advertising campaign for PM:


At Powder Mountain, you can stop skiing any time you like, but you can never leave....

Valley said...

Regarding historical accident data, according to Kim Wheatley's recent letter to the editor of the Standard, four people have died on the PM road in the past six years.

ozboy said...

I would like to point out the recent death of Paul Quigley who was turned into a quadriplegic for the last 25 or so years of his life after a horrific accident on the Powder Mountain road back in the eighties.

Add his name to the list of Powder Mountain road fatalities for he spent twenty five or more years dying from the wreck he had on it one snowy winter afternoon.