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Friday, March 21, 2008

Has Powder Mountain Ownership Changed?


We were perplexed a couple of days ago when we read "Powder Mountain Has Big Expansion Plans" on the normally reputable site.

The article stated,

New owners Randy Breitenbach (Breitburn Energy Co.) and Doug Ballinger (along with the Achenbachs) allowed the area to run under existing management this
year, but next season may be a whole new ball of snow.

We were surprised to see the names of the new owners and wondered if the resort could have changed hands overnight and under the cover of darkness.

We contacted the author and have yet to hear from her. However, we just noticed a comment to the article that states, "The Achenbach's, Randy Breitenbach and Doug Ballinger own Powder Mountain Catskiing in Whistler Canada, and I don't think they would never put in a police station."

We would bet Ms. Adler mistakenly associated the owners of a Whistler Catskiing operation with our greedy fascists at Powderville, but you can bet we will keep our ears open. Who knows, the Achenbach's, Randy Breitenbach and Doug Ballinger may have a higher regard for the Constitutional rights of citizens.

UPDATE 3/22/08 @ 0600 AM

The owners mentioned did in fact purchase Powder Mountain Catskiing near Whistler, BC.

In contrast to our infamous Powder Mountain owners, it appears that the owners of the Canadian operation are actually improving their facilities for the sake of creating a better ski operation. Our owners insist on an elaborate development scheme designed to rape the land with the maximum possible density so they can cash in on the maximum possible profit, all at the expense of neighbors as well as years of land use planning.


Anonymous said...

I noticed a comment from a Snowville resident that it would cost500,00$ for them to hookup to natural gas. Does powderville have Natural or other wise

bagger said...

I think natural gas is already available in Ogden valley, maybe not at PM.

bagger said...

Does anybody know for sure if natural gas has been extended up to Powder Mountain?