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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Welcome All Ye Ogden Valley News Readers!

Welcome to the Ogden Valley Forum. We are striving to be an information center for OUR Ogden Valley. We do have the Draft versions of the Proposed ordinances and will update them as new versions become available(to view, scroll down or click on the archive). Be sure to take the mini-poll in the right column and check back often as new polls will be posted regularly. In fact, if you have an idea or special request for a poll, let us know and we will incorporate your ideas.

You may also invite others to our site by clicking on the link to the right entitled "Tell a friend to visit." The more participation in our site, the more effective and informative it will become. Directions for posting are also on the right column as is a link for archives of previous blogs and comments. Be sure to review the archives and leave your two cents.

We offer links to other sites of interest to Valley residents such as links to official sites for Weber County and Huntsville, as well as unofficial forums for Weber County, Huntsville and Wolf Creek.

The Ogden Valley News is a fabulous publication (although a bit heavy on real estate ads which pay the bills) and offers an incredible source of news, but has the limitation of being published twice a month. Some actions and reactions in OUR Valley are happening fast and we hope to fill that two week gap by offering a new place to opine. The forum is yours, Ogden Valley. What say you?


Clay Poulter said...

On Monday May 31st. The American Legion Post 129 Ogden Valley will be conducting our annual ceremony to honor the Veterans that are buried in the four cemeteries in the Ogden Valley. Times are as follows:

Liberty @ 9:00 am
Lower Eden @ 9:30 am
Upper Eden @ 10:00 am
Mountain Green @ 11:00 am
Huntsville @ 12:00 pm
Luncheon @ 1:00 pm

Nola said...

During Memorial Day weekend, we were staying with friends in Huntsville and had a MARVELOUS time. We read the great paper you have there. We saw a clever addition about an "old cuss" who had died and the obituary his "friends" wrote about his orneriness. I'd love to have a copy . . . Anyone able to help me out??? You can send it to


Ogdenvalley said...

Nola, We forwarded your request to the Editors of the Ogden Valley New.

Ogden Valley said...