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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Letter Submitted to Ogden Valley News

Here is a letter I submitted to the Ogden Valley News a few days ago:

Dear Editor,

The Valley as we know it is changing forever right before our very eyes. Whether you are a long term and full time resident, or a more recent part time transplant, these changes and issues will affect us all.

The rural atmosphere many moved here for is under attack and the county is in the process of approving new land use ordinances with a recreational slant. While some are “passionate about developing recreational resorts,” others are concerned about preserving their property rights. Still others want to do whatever is possible to maintain the status quo.

Growth, traffic, sewage and water issues are a huge concern and these issues have been limited largely to the north side of the valley, but there are now several developments proposed on the South side. These are large developments that are in various stages of planning and approval from the County and they will impact us all.

Additionally, property prices have skyrocketed to heights unimaginable just two years ago. With rising property values, our taxes have followed and will continue to escalate. The very real possibility exists that many will be taxed out of our utopia sooner, rather than later. Many have already left.

With all the differing opinions, the majority shares one common trait: WE LOVE OUR VALLEY! The major difference is how we want the valley to turn out (or build out). Unfortunately, the majority is typically silent, but IT IS NOW TIME TO SPEAK OUT!

A web forum has been created to address these issues in hopes of bringing ALL residents together so we can effectively tackle these tough issues and more.

Go to:

Be sure to bookmark the site, visit often and post your comments.


D. Nelson


Larry Zini said...

While Mr. Nelson's blog is right on in general terms, we should establish some priorities regarding growth in the Valley. We should stop all new septic tank installations and require sewer connections for all new construction. No matter what your plan idea is, new septic tank additions will lead to greater alge growth in Pineview and pollution of ground water as the valley grows.

Larry Zini

Valley said...

It seems like a proverbial double edged sword:

A sewer would certainly lead to increased pressure from developers

While more septic systems will harm our water resources.

What are we to do??

Valley said...

Mr. Zini's comments promoted to the front page.