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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The January 23, 2007 Ogden Valley Planning Commission meeting was lengthy to say the least at more than 5.5 hours. It is quite obvious there are more items taking place in the Valley than one commission can reasonably handle and it is time to petition our County Commissioners to appoint another East Huntsville Planning commission. As of late, much of the proposed development seems to be happening on the South side of the Valley.

The agenda shows many items such as the Rezone request from Lisa Karam for property on the Old Snowbasin road and Highway 39. In a classic bait and switch, she seeks a rezone from CV-2 to CV-1 so 70 Condotels can be constructed instead of a 70 room hotel. Money talks and she will surely cash in on the Condotels. The Snowbasin road traffic will be worse than it was when the road served as primary access to Snowbasin. Interestingly, Steve Roberts, the Passionate developer from Wolf Creek, spoke against the debacle. Ultimately, the Planning Commissioners tabled the request, although there is a sign on the property serving as a public notice of the request. She will be back.

There was also a request for the Two Rivers Cluster Subdivision which is being proposed just South of Huntsville. They are proposing packing in some 46 lots on ground that is usually under water. This is one of three large subdivisions proposed in the Huntsville area that all hinge on a state of the art sewage system that will produce gray water suitable to drink. Are you going to drink the gray Kool Aid?

They are also planning on having water piped from Eden and the homes will not have basements (maybe too much water in those two rivers). Thanks to the Eden Water company for our current development boom.

A councilman from Huntsville (Galt, we believe) was asked why the Town of Huntsville did not wish to annex the property and why they did not respond to a letter from the WC planning staff. His compelling response was that they had reviewed the letter from Weber County asking if they were interested, but interpreted it to mean reply only if interested, which they weren’t. He went on to say the project didn’t fit the town's Master Plan, the density didn’t fit their zoning and the property in question represented too much risk of high water. He said, "we didn’t want to be involved with law suits when homes flooded."

The next Ogden Valley Planning Commission meeting will be February 27th - it should be interesting!

It is time to wake up and get involved Ogden Valley. Where will our first stop light be?

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