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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nordic Valley's proposed Pine Canyon Lodge back on today's planning commission agenda.

We received notice of this important agenda item for today's planning commission meeting.

The Pine Canyon Lodge at Nordic Valley is on the Planning Commission agenda once again.

Here are the details: 
Tuesday, March 24, 2015
5:00 PM
Weber County Commission Chambers 
2380 Washington Blvd., Ogden UT

The developers made some changes and will be arguing they mitigated detrimental impacts. This could well be the last chance for public input.

The Gem committee has posted some valuable information about the proposed project that you can view here GEM committee website

There are many other important items on the agenda so we will post the majority of the agenda below:

2. Consent Agenda:

2.1. DR 2013-07 Consideration and action on an a two year time extension for the temporary gravel excavation and rock crushing operation at Powder Mountain Ski Resort in the Destination and Recreation Resort-1 (DRR-1) Zone (Russ Watts, Representative for Summit Mountain Holding Group, LLC)
2.2. DR 2014-12 Consideration and action on a request for Design Review approval of a Community Church to be located at 9228 East 100 North in the Agricultural Valley-3 (AV-3) Zone (Karl Lundin, Agent for Ogden Valley Community Church)
2.3. CUP 2015-06 Consideration and action for a Conditional Use Permit to install an 82 foot monopine cell tower located at Snow Basin above Becker Lift and a new 12 foot by 26 foot pre-fabricated equipment shelter located at approximately 3925 Snowbasin Road in the Destination and Recreation Resort-1 (DRR-1) Zone (Pete Simmons, Agent for Verizon)
2.4. DR 2014-08 Consideration and action on a request for design review approval of a shed and pergola for Maverik Country Stores in Eden located at 2500 North Hwy 162 in the Commercial Valley-2 (CV-2) Zone (Brad Morgan, Agent for On-Site Development; Neil Mantela, Maverik Country Stores)
2.5. CUP 2015-01 Consideration and action on a request for design review approval of a barn and storage building that is more than twice the size of the home located at 3047 E 5750 N, in the Agricultural Valley-3 (AV-3) Zone (Shannon Sandberg, Applicant)

3. Administrative Items:

a. Old Business
1. CUP 2014-29 Consideration and action on a Conditional Use Permit for a condominium project (Pine Canyon Lodge) in the CVR-1 Zone including lockout rooms and an average building height of 46 feet located at 3567 Nordic Valley Way in Eden, (Skyline Mountain Base, LLC, Applicant)
2. Discussion Amenities and phasing of Edgewater Beach Resort PRUD

4. Public Comment for Items not on the Agenda:

5. Remarks from Planning Commissioners:

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