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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Reminder: Ogden Valley General Plan Workshop Tonight

Don't forget the "What if" workshop tonight.  While we suspect the intentions of the county are honorable with regard to the "plan" for the valley, it is important our rank and file citizens attend and provide input.  

We received an interesting email recently from a California contractor and developer with ties to Ogden Valley, and feel it important to share:
Are you going to the meeting on 26 Feb for the workshop?  Do we know what they are up to?  Do you realize that these meetings with these formats are designed to divide and conquer?  It should be turned into a regular meeting where people speak to a general audience with or without a moderator. This is very effective in getting locals to agree to things that they never dreamed of.   
I see less water and more houses coming out of this.

We have to agree.  While we appreciate the request for input, quite often those who provide the 'input' (or are asking for the input) are those who have a different view of how the valley should look in 20-30 years from now.  Often the input comes from developers or investors who are scheming to make a fortune at the expense of those who choose to make Ogden Valley their home.

Attend tonight and speak up.


nordic dude said...

Nordic Valley back to planning commission on condo project. Planning staff recommending approval. Tomorrow night I think.

Ogden Valley said...

We have heard the same thing.

EPC9 said...

We the people.........

1. What's the plan and aproval situation for getting rid of the sewage?
2. Can you show proof that you have water for this facility you want to build and beyond?
3. Do you have support of the community members?
4. What's the master plan for the overall development and how does this building fit with it?
5. What is the stormwater abatement plan for this piece of the project, and the entire master plan?
6, What additional plans do you have for the near future and how soon are you expecting to move on them?
7. How does all this fit with our 3rd edition newly adopted master plan?

As a 25 year resident and developer in Oogden Valley I would hope that these questions are answered honestly and thoroughly prior to anything of this scope been approved for our neighborhood, good luck