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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summit Town Hall Meeting Report

Guest Post by Ron Gleason  
(This was originally posted as a comment, but we have promoted it to the front page due to its importance).

I was able to attend the meeting. It was well attended, my guess was 50+ people. They talked about the previous weekend, showed some pictures and talked about some of the folks that attended. They made the points that no complaints were received by the Weber County Commissioners.

Before addressing their phase 1 development they asked Steve Clarke of Eden and representative of the GEM Committee to present some slides from the 2005 general and recreation plan workshops illustrating the potential density within the valley with current zoning. This message was delivered to make sure everyone was aware of the upcoming joint meeting of Ogden Valley Planning Commissioners and Weber County Commissioners on September 5th. This meeting will be to discuss whether the general plan should be redone and what type of planning activities should be addressed.

The Summit Group then presented a progress report on their phase 1 development. No surprises and nothing new. They did present a glimpse of a village, larger than what is planned for phase 1, but no specific details. They presented potential groups and focus areas (education, medical and others I do not recall) that may want to utilize the facilities that will be on the mountain.

It was mentioned that the road surfaces being planned for the top of the mountain would be a 'red' color, similar to what is used in the US National parks, for better environmental blending.

Personally I was hoping to hear more about their additional phases and master plan but that was not offered

Some questions that I recall
Q - Did the Community Development Agreement get approved by the County Commissioners?
A - No
Q - Any plans on updating any ski lifts soon specifically Sundown?
A - No plans for the Sundown lift at this time.
Q - Was the CUP for the rock crushing and pit on the mountain approved?
A - yes
Q - Will PM be allowed to or do they have any plans for exporting rock off the mountain?
A - No as the amount of material available on top of the mountain is most likely not enough for all the needs on top of the mountain.

I know there was more presented and more Q&A but I was not taking notes and only want to present what I feel I have accurately remember. If I have erred in presenting any of these facts please correct them with other comments and I will apologize in the advance if I have made a mistake.

Everyone I spoke with was pleased to see that the Summit Group continues to be willing to share their plans and ideas with the community.


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