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Friday, June 21, 2013

Summit on NPR (National Public Radio)

Guest Post by
Concerned Weber County Resident

I heard this on NPR this morning.

NPR is doing some really poor reporting these days.

Huntsville is the nearest incorporated town.

The previous owners worked with lobbyists to change state law that enabled them to try to incorporate a town and hand pick the governing body for that town. Permitted units are based upon the fallout from that fiasco.

 They didn't mention the fact that Weber County has placed a bet on an increase in anticipated property tax revenue and provided their good name to enable this group to create a special assessment area and associated bond to the tune of $22.5 million to build roads, utility lines and other things necessary for a large scale development.

They also neglected to interview a single local resident that would be impacted by the increased traffic on local roads, helicopters flying around the valley or any other potential impact from the development that is planned.

This really is nothing more than a nice fluffy PR piece for the Summit Group.


RG2 said...

Go to one of their events Major. I'm sure you will aprove of the activities of our new friends. Even better ask the powder folks and paramedics what went on this summer, but then you clearly already know everything there is to know.

MajorJohannSchmidt said...

Here we go round the mulberry bush. More snide innuendo. Come on RG2, why don;t you just grow some balls and state factually, "what happened this summer". Step up and be a big boy or girl and knock off the wink, wink and "I'm smarter than anyone in the room" BS. It's getting old, tiresome and just a bit pathetic.

And the "clearly know everything there is to know" is about 360 degrees from my; "Here's a thought; how about giving Summit the opportunity to come through with their promises. You just might be surprised." I'm merely saying give Summit the opportunity to come through with their promises. That appears to be something you have zero intention of doing.