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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Lt. Phil Howell, Weber County Sheriff's Office Ogden Valley Commander loses battle with Cancer

We received a couple of notifications regarding the unfortunate and untimely passing of  Lt. Phil Howell of the Weber County Sheriff's Office and will post them below:
Hello; we were just informed that Lt. Phil Howell, Weber County Sheriff Ogden Valley Commander, has passed away.
We want to recognize his loyalty and service to the Valley, and appreciate all he has done.
He was instrumental and supportive in the organization of Neighborhood Watch groups, community meetings, and patrols. He was always the calm in any situation.
We will miss seeing him around our neighborhoods; and thank the current officers stationed up here for protecting us.
Ruthann Halay
Also, we received this from the www.HuntsvilleTown com email blast: 
It is with a  heavy heart that we pass on the news that Lt. Phillip Howell from The Weber County Sheriff's Office lost his valiant battle with cancer on September 6, 2011. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and co-workers.

About three years ago, Huntsville officials were disappointed to hear that, due to a restructuring within the Sheriff’s office, our Community Resource Officer, Mike Chatelain, would no longer be patrolling in Huntsville.

While we still miss Deputy Chatelain, Phil quickly became a great friend to all he associated with.  Phil was the Upper Valley Precinct commander and spent a great deal of time in Huntsville.  He was a first class individual and a great cop with an old school attitude.  He preferred negotiation, communication and education to citations.

Phil loved his island upbringing and spoke Hawaiian fluently, prefacing every conversation with aloha and humbly offering thanks with mahalo.

Phil left Hawaii for Utah in the early ‘70's to play linebacker for the Weber State College football squad.  After football, he had a distinguished 20+ year career with the Ogden Police department, where one of his biggest personal accomplishments was the large role he had in ‘cleaning up’ 25th street.

Phil took a short break from law enforcement to help with the family business in Hawaii before returning to Utah to attend BYU, where he received his Masters degree.

In the late ‘90's Phil returned to the career he loved when he was hired by the Weber County Sheriff’s office.  Prior to being named Commander of the Upper Valley Precinct, Lt. Howell worked in many areas within the Sheriff’s department: Investigations, accreditation, professional standards, and SWAT negotiations.

Phil will be missed in Huntsville, and we offer our sincerest condolences to his family.


Phil's friend said...

Phil was an outstanding person. He was a dear friend of my family and we will miss him. My grandfather was hawaiian, and he was Phil's sergeant on the Ogden police force. I remember as a child some really great times at my grandpa's house when we would get together for a "Hawaiian Luau" Phil was always there. Mahalo Phil

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