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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Green Valley Academy Update - Your Help Is Needed

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Anonymous said...
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Jay said...

Again...How is a adolescent program going to effect your water?

Pancho said...

Jay, why don't you contact Sue Johnson at the number listed on the post? She may be able to answer your question.

Valley said...

Jay, check out our previous posts on the water issue by clicking here.

Among other water related issues, Fire Suppression and the lack of water is very important. Also, Green Valley Academy (GVA) is proposing a very large complex in the middle of a residential and farming area. Neighbors are worried about sewage impacting their wells.

GVA is planning on drilling large and deep well(s) which may negatively impact those neighbors with shallower wells. Also, rather the use the present ditch system for irrigation, GVA is applying for additional rights of water to drill a well for irrigation.

honestabe said...

Valley, did you edit your last post? i.e.@5:53 this morning?

Valley said...

Honest Abe, it is good to have you here.
Yes, in fact we did make two small amendments to our comment for clarification. Where we stated "wells," we changed it to "well(s)." And where we stated "additional shares" we amended to "additional rights." Both semantics and amended because water rights and water shares are often confused. Shares typically being a share in a local water system while rights are issued by the state.

In the case of Ogden Valley, Weber Basin Water controls many of the water rights.

Thanks for keeping us honest, Abe. Nice to have you here for a visit.

Jay said...

I guess I'm a little slow. Still confused about the water issue. Don't we live beneath a dam. I don't understand why having GVA around would be any different than 8 homes with 5 people. Can we stop people from buying property and moving in? Water would still be an issue with anyone moving in. Are we going to go after Mormons after this? After all they have big families are always so clean lookin', they must use a lot of water! The sewage in wells? I believe that issue is resolved by a septic tank!

Space said...

Jay, how about theft.

My well runs dry because your well is deeper and has drawn down the aquifer. Did you just steal my water. (oh yeah, my well has been there over 100 years.) Reverse the scenario, still palatable?

Oh, no problem. If it does I can BUY water from you. Buy water?

There's one guy this water thing is pinching (and I'm behind him all the way!!!).

Jay Lo said...

Jay, the property is only zoned for 2 homes, not 8. And septic tanks have something called a drain field. The fluid runs through that drain field and percolates into the ground.

So let's see,
-a large well that takes water from the neighbors,

-a large facility in a residential area with substantially more residents when compared to the two homes that the property is zoned for,

-a large drain field on the other side of the septic tank you mentioned, that percolates into the ground water.

And you ask, :How is a adolescent program going to effect your water?"

Give me a break.

Jay said...

So let me get this straight. If there were two homes instead of a program there would not be a need for a septic tank? There would also not be a well dug? Your also assuming that the well would be "taking from yours" and that it would "run out".
Space mentions his well is 100 years old! I'm guessing it's not going to run out any time soon!
Coming from some one who is not originally from your area and moved people NEVER welcome outsiders! Make up what excuses you will! You know I and I know it's crap!

honestabe said...

I read Peterson's comments in the Valley paper, and I love how she talks about people bullying a community and threatening lawsuits, when the only lawsuit filed has been by Peterson. This seems more than just a little HYPOCRITICAL in my opinion. When has GVA ever threatened a lawsuit? When has GVA made bullying comments..take a moment to read through the posts here on this site...who appears to be the bully? I do agree with you Jay. Water does not appear to be the primary issue. I would be curious to hear from these people if they came up with the slogan "Protect our water" before or after they had they hydrologist perform the study. I'm also confused why these petitioners as well as the valley newspaper continue to use terms like "troubled youth" when it is a term used to describe individuals who have violated the law and are being court ordered into some kind of diversion program. I have read and heard that these ARE NOT the type of kids GVA will be working with. I would think that if you are looking for handouts to fund your lawsuit, that the individuals behind such an effort (as well as the newspaper) would use factual terms and information. I believe they know very well that GVA will not be working with this population, yet they are using these termss to create fear in ordr to manipulate and misinform people so they will donate (or generate more interest in their paper). I guess it's not only politicians who rely on these tactics.

Angela Bulloch said...
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