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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Closure of North Ogden Divide

Guest Post by Sally Lindsay   Resident Huntsville

I am concerned about the planned closure of the North Ogden Divide (NOD) beginning June 1st.

We have three roads in and out of the Ogden Valley. 
1. Ogden Canyon
2. Trapper’s Loop
3. North Ogden Divide 

Avon and Monte Cristo are snow covered and not useful at this time.

Causey reservoir has been full and pouring over the top of the spill way since the 14th of May.
The real melt has not begun.
The water from Causey Reservoir crosses SR – 39 shortly before the Trapper’s Loop Road.

Pineview Reservoir is 83% full according to KSL May 26th with over double its entire capacity still in the mountains.

If Causey were to break, a fair section of SR -39 between Huntsville and Trappers Loop would likely be washed out.

This would move all of the Ogden Valley traffic over the Dam, if the NOD were closed.

If water were flowing over Pineview Dam, this road could close  --  and with 200% of capacity yet to fill an 83% full reservoir, and the potential of Causey Dam water crashing into Pineview, this seems like a possibility..

Can the NOD please stay open until later in the summer when we can better access the flood situation?


Ruthann said...

Yesterday there were several rock slides near the dam on both sides; then what?

The CERT in the Valley has been concerned about this for years.

We need more people to be informed and join CERT for our safety.


Oldie said...

Obviously you are relatively new to the valley. We have had numerous times over the years that we have had had access issues. With the resident DOT crew that we have stationed in the valley we have never been without an access point. It may cause you to travel a little more than your usual commute, but you need to give them the respect that they deserve.

Older than dirt! said...


Obviously you don't remember the huge slide in the canyon in the mid 1970's that closed the canyon road and permanently diverted the Ogden River. The next time you drive down the canyon notice the slide area just west of the Alaskan Inn (or the Hermitage as it was during the slide). The road rises and falls as you drive over the slide. Oh yes, this was 15-18 years before Trappers Loop was envisioned and built, and the population of the valley was much less than it is now.

This has nothing to do with our resident DOT crew and everything to do with common sense. It is only a wise move to delay the closure of the North Ogden Divide.

Rockstar said...

I am no geologist, but it looks like there is a lot more to come down in the most recent slide area. Drive with caution.