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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Important Ogden Valley Planning Commission Tonight @ 5 PM

Therapeutic School Zoning Amendment on Agenda

The meeting will be held in the:
Weber County Commission Chambers,
Weber Center (2380 Washington Blvd).
The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m.
Huntsville resident Fred Smullin has spent many hours drafting new language for an amendment to the Weber County Zoning Ordinance that addresses the definition of a school.   Be sure to attend to support Fred's efforts (or dispute them if you feel so inclined).

From the agenda:
3-3. ZO 2011-1 Consideration and/or action on a text amendment to the Weber County Zoning Ordinance by amending the definition of “school,” and adding the definition of “Therapeutic School,” establishing facility requirements and to include “Therapeutic School” as a conditional use in the F-5, F-10, F-40, AV-3, FR-3, and CV-2 Zones (Fred Smullin, Applicant) 
Two more important items are on the agenda:
3-1. UVR 030209 Consideration and action on a request for a variance to the Weber County Subdivision Ordinance to allow an additional time extension of final approval for The Retreat at Wolf Creek Utah Subdivision Phase 1, in the RE-20 Zone, located at approximately 5334 East Elkhorn Drive (Rob Thomas for Wolf Creek Properties LC, Applicant)

3-2. Deferrals Consideration and action on a recommendation to the County Commission regarding options for deferrals of public improvements (curb, gutter, sidewalk, asphalt)
We will note the importance of item 3-1 as the proposed land in zoned RE-20, which is among the most dense zoning in Ogden Valley.

1 comment:

Fred said...

As expected, the Planning Commission voted to move the Therapeutic School item to a working meeting June 7. Everyone is invited to come and participate.

It is unfortunate that all who attended and ready to comment were not allowed to comment. I thought they could have handled it better. Even Ben Hatfield got cut off in the middle of is Staff summary.