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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Elections Less Than Two Month's Away

With the elections rapidly approaching, the Ogden Valley Forum will be taking an active role.   The County Commission race is one that will have a large impact on the future of Ogden Valley as two of the three commission seats are up for grabs this election cycle.

The forum plans to give each commission candidate the opportunity to address Ogden Valley residents in the weeks ahead, and we plan to submit a list of questions to each of the candidates and will post their answers on our site.

We are in the process of compiling questions to ask the commission candidates and would like to have some input from the locals.  Please submit your suggestions for questions by emailing and place "Commission questions" in the subject line.  Alternatively, post your question below by clicking the comment link below.


Bergie said...

This upcoming election may be the only opportunity for a long time to elect people to the Weber County Commission that will look out for the people of Ogden Valley

I would recommend that you vote for Drew Johnson for seat A on the Weber County Commission and Amy Wicks for Seat B. If they were both elected, it would force a significant change in the Commission makeup and bring people to office that care about Ogden Valley.

The other major candidates (Zogmaister and Gibson) will bring more of the same dismissive attitude about Ogden Valley we have witnessed that last several years.

This is a serious opportunity to make important changes in our leadership.

Liberty Resident said...

T.R. Morgan is running as a Democrat for Seat A against Zomgaister and Johnson.

T.R. is a local attorney with experience in property and tax issues, as well as litigation.

T.R. not only will listen to the citizens of Weber County, but will actually represent them as well.

T.R. will work well with Wicks to make some significant changes to how the county operates.