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Monday, June 15, 2009

Update On Oral Arguments That Will Be Presented Tomorrow Morning In the Powder Mountain Case - Powderville or Bust!!

As we mentioned yesterday, the Perp's of Powder Mountain will have their day in court tomorrow morning. We have just received some important briefs regarding the case, but will refer you to today's post at the Weber County Forum where Rudi has done a masterful job of laying it out for all to see.

We will also include a link to an informative, historical timeline along with facts surrounding the Powder Mountain fiasco. This is a must read document.

Lastly, the citizens who are being dragged into this fiasco have been funding their own legal defense, and the fees are mounting. Taking a stand against the PERPS will benefit EVERYONE in Ogden Valley, Weber County and the State of Utah.

Donations can be made to the Citizens Rights Defense Fund at the Wells Fargo branch in Eden, or mailed to P.O. Box 231, Eden 84310, or hand-delivered to any of the plaintiffs.

Dig deep and help our neighbors in Powderville stand up for their constitutional rights.

1 comment:

Judge Ernie said...

Reading all this complicated shit gave me a major headache... so I ruled in favor of my old boss (whom I love)

Let me give my old friend Dr. Cobabe a big kiss right now: SMOOOOOCH!

I also ski regularly at Powder Mountain, along with my family and many friends.

Hopefully, i'll be in line for a few "comp" ski passes, if you know what I mean (and I think you do.)