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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Powderville It Is - Judge Ernie Rules In Favor of The Powder Mountain Perps - UPDATED

After today's disheartening ruling, we are going to leave the discussion up to Rudi at the Weber County Forum, whilst we take a well deserved holiday. Rest assured we will be thinking of our new Powderville neighbors whom Judge Ernie feels should live under brother Daniel's fascist tyranny.

Before we go, we will paste a comment from the robust discussion at the Weber County Forum on the matter. It is time for Phase II, as the author of this post so eloquently recommends.

Here it is:
Before the county held their ground and said the town council needed to be fair, the foes of Powderville created a strategy to bankrupt the perpetrators. This all went dormant as the courts did their thing, and now it is time to launch the next phase of the strategy which is legal, focused and deadly. Generally speaking, we expected this outcome and our plans are now timely.

We have all been quiet for awhile, but expect the activists to re-emerge.
It is time for all activists to stand up for our Powderville neighbors!!!

Update 6/17/09 2:34 pm: Check out Weber County Forum's latest (6/17/09) post on this topic, which offers a totally different (and slightly more optimistic) spin:

Powder Mountain Update: Powder Mountain Dispute Isn't Even Close to Being Over Yet

Powderville citizens have no reason to bring out the "crying towels" yet.

"It's not over until it's over." - Yogi Berra


Skeets said...

This issue should galvanize our citizens to speak out to their elected officials. We could be on the verge of losing the essence of our Valley. Any large "World Class Resort" as touted by Powder Mountain will destroy our density numbers and wipe out the beauty of our Valley.

The Viking said...

This was litigated on the wrong issue. The Powderville homeowners should have forced the issue to be litigated on their loss of equal protection as citizens.

The State passed a bad law (HB466) that provided the owners of Powder Mountain the ability to bypass the popular vote of the residents to determine if they wanted to be included in the town. This law was later replaced by a indorporation law that demanded that a majority of the residents should have a say in the incorporation, but the replacement legislation did not include those petitions filed under the original bad law. That is nonsense, and both the Commissioners and Lt. Governor should have stood tall and said we will not okay this incorporation since it would deny equal protection to our constituents in Weber County.

If this is continued in the courts, the ACLU should be asked to enjoin the lawsuit to protect the civil rights of the homeowners forced into this incorporation. I have spent most of my life watching the ACLU and other civil rights groups win these same kind of lawsuits all over our nation.