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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hill AFB pilot sets F-16 flight record and Powderville Cartoon

The property tax and Powderville issues have simmered slightly, although they will surely heat up again sooner than we wish. We at the forum have taken some welcome time off in conjunction with the simmering, but could not overlook this newsworthy story about a local Huntsville boy.

Colonel Mike Brill became the first pilot in the world to fly 6,000 hours in an F-16 fighting falcon whilst flying a mission in Iraq. We are anxiously awaiting his safe return home and are proud to have Colonel Brill as a Valley neighbor.

Read the Story here

We will also post a very fitting Powderville Cartoon that was submitted by one of our humble readers. We think Devon Hoxer is quite a talent, and The Standard Examiner's Calvin Grondahl may have some local competition.

Enjoy your Sunday morning Ogden Valley.

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