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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Letter to Sen Hatch, Bennett and Rep Bishop

This is a copy of the letter Sharon and I sent to our Federal Representatives
about the Bison Creek Ranch development and their recent request for Alteration of
the streams on their development property. They all received indivdual letters.and we felt
that since the US Army Corps of Engineers was involved in the original permit process at Bison
Creek, our Federal leaders may be able to assist with any review.

June 22, 2007

Dear Senator Hatch, Bennett and Rep Bishop

The purpose of this letter is to draw your attention to an issue in the Ogden Valley that is of major concern to ourselves and other local residents.

Approval has been granted by the Weber County Planning Commission for the development of Bison Creek Ranch, including a sewer treatment facility adjacent to Highway 39. While the initial application for the Bison Creek development involved a permit approval by the US Army Corps of Engineers, it appears that the Bison Creek developer did not identify three streams on the property in their initial application.

The Bison Creek developer initially denied the existence of these springs, but has recently filed an application for an alteration permit for these now acknowledged streams and tributaries with the Utah Department of Natural Resources -Division of Water Rights.

This omission would make the initial Bison Creek Ranch request incomplete since their Joint Application stated that only 0.48 acres of watercourse and wetlands will be affected by this project. We request that the Army Corps of Engineers do a complete reanalysis of this application as it may now exceed 0.50 acres. If this is the case, a different Army Corps of Engineers permit would be required.

Your assistance is requested to insure that the US Army Corps of Engineers review and recalculate the percent of watercourse and wetlands now affected by this development.


Lawrence J. Zini Sharon A. Zini

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