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Monday, June 04, 2007

Bonus Density Awards

Letter to the Weber County Commission From Larry and Sharon Zini

We request that the Weber County Commission give serious consideration to removing all Bonus Density Awards for future development in the Ogden Valley. These Bonus Density Awards are a significant factor in the accelerated growth in the valley.

We are not advocating abandoning the Transfer Development Rights (TDR) concept in the Valley. We feel TDRs are an important component for the open space development concept.

If Bonus Density Awards are retained by the Weber County Commission, we recommend that:

1. The Weber County Commission reject the proposed TDR ordinance that provides additional bonus density units for TDRs purchased by developers. This ordinance would, in effect, increase the total Bonus Density Awards to 40%.

2. Maximize bonus density units at 20%, based on the original developer plan, exclusive of any TDRs purchased.

3. Consider reducing, and eventually eliminating Bonus Density Awards over the period of the next five years within the Ogden Valley.

Larry & Sharon Zini


Anonymous said...

Larry, as I understand it and agree with, the bonus density within the TDR ordinance is there to encourage the development of villages/nodes. Furthermore the recommendation to review and update the cluster ordinance to provide for bonus densities if TDR's are used has been made.

Why do I agree with the bonus density? IMO the best to way to ensure maximum open space within the valley, clustering and concentration around resorts is key. Within AV3 zones a cluster development is required to have 60% open space.

If clustering is not done and 1 per 3 acre build out is done then the valley will be a scattering of individual homes with minimal open space. AN example of this type of development is Huntsville Meadows (not picking on them just using it as an example)

The TDR ordinance caps the number of units allowed to what is defined in the general plan, around 17,000. If a node or cluster is done with TDR's, for example they use 10 TDR's, that would leave 30 acres open within the valley.

What other incentives would be beneficial to developers to get them to cluster?

Ron Gleason

Carolyn said...

Clustering saves the developer money by fewer roads and utility easements and installation. This is enough of a bonus!
Carolyn Gavin