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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dark Sky Events in Ogden Valley!‏

Full Moon Wildlife Wander and Exploration of New Dark Sky Trail (Ogden Valley Starry Nights)
Saturday, September 17 @7pm
Enter South Gate of North Fork Park and follow signs
Teens especially invited to explore the dark sky trail after formal dedication of new Dark Sky Trail..
HawkWatch volunteers will bring live birds.

Dedication Dark Sky Mural
Saturday Oct 1 @ 10am (Fuller barn across highway from Valley Elementary School).   Please join us as we dedicate Jake Songer's wonderful mural on the historic Enoch Fuller circa 1870 barn.

Annual Star Party North Fork Park (Ogden Valley Starry Nights)
Saturday, October 1 @ 8pm
Enter Middle Gate of North Fork Park and follow signs to Mustang Flats Bowery
North Fork Park is the world's 21st International Dark Sky Park; come and celebrate.

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