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Friday, May 15, 2015

Ogden Marathon Saturday

Saturday officially kicks off the 'every weekend let's bombard Ogden Valley with a big event' season, as the Ogden Marathon takes place throughout the valley and Ogden Canyon.

Plan your day (and the rest of the summer) accordingly folks, and avoid Ogden Canyon.

While the Ogden Marathon is one of the premier Marathons in the country, it is just one of the many events that offers lots of impact to our residents and doesn't give a lot in return.

Let us know what you think of the summer full of big races.


April Lopshire said...

Why don't the OV Residents have a say in the number of races/marathons/relays that go through our valley? The organizers/volunteers/traffic control are never very friendly. All I want to do is be able to go to work, come home from work, & take my kids to activities. We shouldn't feel like prisoners during these EVENTS.

Used And Abused said...

It is wonderful that it is "one of the premier Marathons in the country". Only thing is that it is at the Ogden Valley residence expense. I have always maintained that there is no "s" in the name Ogden Valley. If there was an "s" then maybe by a long shot one could say Ogden's Valley Marathon. Not to mention that if Ogden doesn't have enough roadway in Ogden itself to operate this marathon. Ogden's Marathon should be in Ogden. Ogden Valley residence. Having survived the absurd property tax increase some years ago, gives me wonder as to why Ogden Valley residents need to take this shot in the hip and bear the financial responsibility of another marathon that provides residents nothing in return. The only bight spot is that the Maverik and maybe some of the other food types might get a minute amount of increase business. We of the Valley need to stop the world from turning for a day or add undue time, stress and effort effort to continue a simulation of life at our expense. It would be of interest that we get some compensation in the form of reduced property tax maybe. Or are we to assume that Weber County is draining all of the revenues generated from an event license.
I have done this before and there is always some flimsy excuse for the reason why. At some point thee will be no more life's blood to suck out Ogden valley Residences. Then it will free for the taking with no complaints.

checkin in said...

has this place gone totally asleep to the goings on with h2o up here and our friends up on top of the mountain and their dealings with the county?