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Friday, May 09, 2014

Annual Star Party - North Fork Park - Friday, May 23 @ 8:30pm

-  Ogden Astronomical Society has the expertise and equipment to make this family-friendly event fun and informative - same magnificent telescopes as last year when a warm night and clear skies prompted many to stay until midnight . . . 
-  Enter North/Cutler Flats gate before 10pm; follow signs to Cutler Flats; park at View Bowery (before Cutler Flats).  Directional signs will be posted.

-  Bring a warm jacket, red kerchief to shield flashlights, and smart phone apps. Restrooms available.

-  Weber State University students will be taking dark sky measurements throughout the park that evening; interested students can tag along and see how a Sky Quality Meter (SQM) works.

-  Sponsored by Weber County Parks & Recreation, Ogden Valley Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association (Ogden Valley Starry Nights) and the Ogden Astronomical Society.

North Fork Park is in the process of accreditation as a prestigious International Dark-Sky Park - come see why our park, so close to the bright Wasatch Front, is achieving such terrific sky quality measurements.

For event questions, email  For additional background, refer to

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