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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

IMPORTANT MEETING TODAY: Community Asked to Participate in Charrettes Designed to Help Shape Ogden Valley’s Future

The students and professors are coming!  Utah State University Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning have already started work on their creative ideas for the future look and feel of Ogden Valley.  They call it a design charrette.  

Professors and student team leaders for the 15 projects will meet with Ogden Valley residents on Wednesday, January22, 2014 from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the Weber County, Ogden Valley Branch Library in Huntsville.

Each team is assigned one of the 15 topics listed below.  They need your involvement and ideas.  Please help set the direction for the future of Ogden Valley

1.What makes Ogden Valley unique and special? How can the valley maintain this unique specialness?
2.What makes each community unique and special? How can each community maintain its specialness?
3.Discover potential and future opportunities for the Ogden Valley Region
4.Future alternatives for Pineview Reservoir and its waterfront
5.Future alternatives for Huntsville City’s annexation property
6.Where are future and existing village and neighborhood centerswhat should
they be and how should they be developed
7.Pineview Reservoir - land use, new development, waterfront protection, water
quality protection.
8.Development and open space preservation - cluster techniques, TDR’s, new
communities, where, how, etc.
9.Property ownership and property rights - should there be guidelines, committees, controls? How? Examples?
10.Agriculture - can and should it be a part of the valley? How? What conservation tools should be used?
11.Wildlife - habitat and conservation - How can conservation work on private lands?
12.Resorts - what is their contribution, what is their relationship to the valley, and
what relationship should they have?
13.Moderate Income Housing - where, how, what should it look like? Part of neighborhoods?
14.Huntsville - what should it be and how should it grow?
15.Snowbasin’s Pineview’s waterfront property - what should/could it become?


robertkunz said...

This looks like a great opportunity to get input from a group that has no ulterior motive except for smart planning. I wish I could be there to hear their input.

Did Wolf Mountain get sold? I heard rumor it did..if so, that should be considered.

Ogden Valley said...

Yes, Robert. Surely the resort developers will be in attendance. Our hope is that there is a good showing amongst the rank and file residents as well.

We have also heard rumors of Wolf Mountain being under contract, but have not seen any confirmations. We have also heard rumors of grandiose development and expansion plans.

robertkunz said...

Thanks for the quick reply. Please post an update to this meeting and any confirmed reports from the Wolf Mountain project for those citizens that cannot attend.

D said...