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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Councilperson Wicks Requests Canyon Closure Time Be Bumped To 10 PM

Guest Post from Amy Wicks

I made the request to bump the canyon closure times to 10 pm and the attached document is the response I received from the Ogden City utility manager who is one of the staff members assigned to oversee the project.

On a related note, I am making contact with Horrocks on Monday to discuss delays and travel times. I was stuck in Ogden Canyon for over an hour and a half headed home to Ogden from Snowbasin on were many many others. I understand the snowy weather creates challenges, but cars were moving eastbound so I'm curious why there was no westbound movement. For almost an hour, It seemed as if the only westbound movement was from vehicles inching forward as others were giving up and turning around.

That type of delay is completely unacceptable and I will let you know what I am able to find out. I am also interested in hearing from others who have encountered problems traveling through Ogden Canyon so I can try to work through the issues with the construction company and make sure UDOT is aware of the problems as well, since they are the entity granting permission for closures and delays.

You are welcome to post this on your blog as an effort to help keep the public aware of what is going on.

Amy Wicks
Ogden City Council
At Large Seat C

Click here to read the response for the Ogden City Utility Manager

Friday, January 04, 2013

Another Ogden Canyon Update - Times for Closure Tweaked

Here is another update from Jason Allen, Horrocks Engineers

In an effort to accommodate weekend traffic, we have changed the closure schedule slightly.  The following are the updated closure times for SR-39 in Ogden Canyon.

Sunday night – Friday morning: 8pm – 5am
Friday night – Saturday morning: 10pm – 6am
Saturday night: no closure

Hopefully, this modification will lessen the impact to residents and businesses.  We recognize that visitors within the canyon are usually more frequent on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

As always, we want to thank you for your patience during this project.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Best regards,

Jason M. Allen, P.E. Public Involvement
3544 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 11 | Ogden, Utah 84401