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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ogden Marathon Saturday - Be sure to plan your driving route.

The annual Ogden Marathon, which is held in Ogden Valley and Ogden Canyon, will take place this Saturday morning, May 19, 2012.  The race starts at 7 am near Red Cliff Ranch, descends to Huntsville, then routes to Eden Park and finally to Pineview Dam and down Ogden Canyon.

According to the Marathon's web site,
Runners must cross the dam (approximately mile 17.2) by 11:30am. Runners that do not cross the dam before the cutoff will be asked to leave the course. The Ogden Marathon will provide transportation to the finish line for the runner's safety and security. The race begins at 7:00am, earlier starts will not be supported by the Ogden Marathon.
 Be sure to plan your morning driving route to avoid the more than 6000 runners.  This will be among the first of a summer full of weekend running and biking events.

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