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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

URGENT: Two Important County Meetings Today

Custom Exempt Meat Cutting Ordinance on the planning commission agenda

The Weber County Commissioners will hold a regular commission meeting in the
Commission Chambers of the Weber Center,
2380 Washington Boulevard, Ogden, Utah,
at 10:00 a.m. on
Tuesday, the 24th day of April 2012.

Here is the entire agenda.

Here are some items of particular interest to Ogden Valley residents:
 E. Action

1. Request for consideration and/or action on a request for final approval of The Summit at Ski Lake No. 11 including a Subdivision Improvement Agreement in the amount of $108,350.83 and a Survey Monumentation Improvement Agreement in the amount of $700.
Presenter: Sean Wilkinson

 F. Public hearing
1. Motion to adjourn public meeting and convene public hearing.
2. Public hearing for consideration and/or action on staff amendments to the Weber County Zoning Ordinance Chapter 1 (General Provisions), Chapter 9-A (Shoreline Zone (S-1), Chapter 23 (Supplementary and Qualifying Regulations), Chapter 23 (Supplementary and Qualifying Regulations), Chapter 24(Parking and Loading Space, Vehicle Traffic and Access Regulations), Chapter 29 (Board of Adjustment), Chapter 31 (Administration), and Chapter 36-B (Hillside Development Review Procedures and Standards) regarding the Weber County Board of Adjustment.
Presenter: Sean Wilkinson
3. Motion to adjourn public hearing and reconvene public meeting.
4. Action on public hearing.
 The next important meeting is:

The Ogden Valley Planning Commission Meeting
Weber County Commission Chambers, Weber Center (2380 Washington Blvd).
The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m.
April 24, 2012

Here is the entire agenda.

Here are some items of particular interest:

2. Petitions, Applications, and Public Hearings:

  • New Business:
2.1. ZTA 2012-05 Zoning Text Amendment ZTA 2012-05 amending Chapter 5B (Agricultural Valley AV-3) Zone Section 5B-3 Permitted Uses Requiring Five (5) Acres Minimum Lot Area to allow Custom Exempt Meat Cutting including wild game and amend Chapter 1 (General Provisions) by adding a new definition of Custom Exempt Meat Cutting.

3. Public Comments:

4. Planning Commissioner’s Remarks:

Custom Exempt Meat Cutting?   What exactly does that mean?

You may read the planning commissioner packet here.

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