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Monday, March 05, 2012

The Red Moose Lodge has been sold

Another rumor has been confirmed.  

We made mention of this last week when an agenda item for the Ogden Valley Planning Commission listed:
 2.3. ZTA 2012-2 Consideration and Action on an amendment to Chapter 18B (Commercial Valley Zones CV-1 and CV-2) of the Weber County Zoning Ordinance to allow assisted living facility as permitted use.   
 Then we received this notice via the email list from the Red Moose Lodge:                                                                              

The Red Moose Lodge has been sold.    

The Red Moose Lodge has been SOLD and will be converted to an assisted living facility and senior community center.  The new owner takes possession on May 1st.. This is your last chance to stay with us. Call 801-745-6667 or visit our website at                                      

There you have it.  Times are changing in Ogden Valley.


Doc Blanchard said...

The timing is perfect. The 3 Weber County Commissioners should be the first
residents along with the bozo's they appointed on the Valley Planning Commission.

velvet said...

It would be a faster way to raise funds.