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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Weber County Planning Unveils New Tracking System Called Miradi

Guest Post by Ron Gleason

Wanted to make sure valley residents are aware of a new facility on the Weber County Planning web site.  The planning group has implemented a system called 'Miradi' and the home page for the system describes it this way:
Miradi is a collaborative electronic reviewing and project tracking solution for Weber County which means 'project' in Swahili. Miradi treats everything as a project. An ordinance amendment, building permit, subdivision, board of adjustment appeal, and business license are all examples of different types of land use activities and permits. At an abstract level, each example is a project involving many unique properties, aspects, people, and reviewing agencies.
Interested residents can access the system off the plannings group home page at or directly at
.   To get maximum benefit folks should establish a userid.

I believe this is a great facility and will allow Weber County residents to stay abreast of activity within the planning, engineering and compliance groups. 

Bravo to the planning group for getting this done.


Atta Boy said...

What a tool! Kudos to the county.

Justin said...

Make sure you go to and not