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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Community Meeting Thursday

Click here to view a related article that appeared in the 9-15-11 issue of the Ogden Valley News.


Valley said...

This post was made in response to a previous thread about Green Valley Academy, but we are posting it here for continuity.

Blogger honestabe said...

I read Peterson's comments in the Valley paper, and I love how she talks about people bullying a community and threatening lawsuits, when the only lawsuit filed has been by Peterson. This seems more than just a little HYPOCRITICAL in my opinion. When has GVA ever threatened a lawsuit? When has GVA made bullying comments..take a moment to read through the posts here on this site...who appears to be the bully? I do agree with you Jay. Water does not appear to be the primary issue. I would be curious to hear from these people if they came up with the slogan "Protect our water" before or after they had they hydrologist perform the study. I'm also confused why these petitioners as well as the valley newspaper continue to use terms like "troubled youth" when it is a term used to describe individuals who have violated the law and are being court ordered into some kind of diversion program. I have read and heard that these ARE NOT the type of kids GVA will be working with. I would think that if you are looking for handouts to fund your lawsuit, that the individuals behind such an effort (as well as the newspaper) would use factual terms and information. I believe they know very well that GVA will not be working with this population, yet they are using these termss to create fear in ordr to manipulate and misinform people so they will donate (or generate more interest in their paper). I guess it's not only politicians who rely on these tactics.

Fri Sep 16, 07:28:00 AM 2011

S. Kramer said...

When you have the sappy County Commissioners on your side as do all the real estate people and developers, they have built in bullies in the government.

Has anyone checked out the water issues and what far reaching effect this may have on the water table of Valley citizens in that area?

Honestabe, I sentence you to life as a County Commissioner's agent at large, a silent butler for Valley Citizens, waste baskets for alternative ideas on sale in the County offices.

Inquiring Mind said...

Honestabe, are you involved with the Green Valley Academy?
Are you in the therapeutic/residential treatment business?

Just curious.

Rev. Brown said...

Just a reminder about the meeting tonight, Oct. 6, 2011 at the Huntsville Library at 6:00 pm, regarding an update on Green Valley Academy.  Please come out and get the lastest on the issue.  Also here is the attachment of the report of findings from the Hydrogeologist that was presented on our behalf to the state on the well protest. 
Thank you all....  

Ogden Valley Protection Counsel
   "For the Greater Good of the Valley"