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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pre Hearing Conference - Mountain Sewer Formal Complaint

On Tuesday, July 19, 2011, the Public Service Commission Administrative Law Judge, David Clark, conducted a pre hearing conference to lay out the  procedures regarding the Formal PSC Complaint filed by a group of Ogden Valley residents served by Mountain Sewer Corporation.

Judge Clark stated that since there would soon be a request from Mountain Sewer for a rate increase, and a possible sale of Mr. Catanzaro’s water and sewer properties, the complainants request for a complete, independent audit of the utility's accounting books and operating systems by the PSC staff will be one of the first items to be addressed.

When the audit of Mountain Sewer is completed, all parties will again meet to discuss the results of the audit and determine the next step in the complaint process.

The Weber County Commission, who is the designated body politic for Mountain Sewer, chose not to send a representative to the conference today, but sent a letter to the Administrative Law Judge stating their position regarding their responsibilities for oversight of Mountain Sewer.

The Ogden Valley Forum feels the non-participation by Weber County is a disservice to Mountain Sewer customers, especially those in the Lakeside Village Town homes, and is a continuation of Weber County’s inconsistent oversight record regarding Mountain Sewer operational problems. Many of the Lakeside Village town home owners have suffered multiple sewage flooding incidents (the latest March 16, 2011) due to the functional problems of Mountain Sewer’s lift pumps. These town home owners have found a mixture of storm water with raw sewage in their homes during numerous flooding incidents dating back several years.

The Forum urges the Weber County Commissioners to step up and fulfill their responsibilities regarding Mountain Sewer instead of pushing the problems off for future meetings of the Special Service District  board.


W. Lydecker said...

Why has it taken so long for Weber County to take action on Mountain Sewer? It appears these flooding problems have been a continuous problem. If the Body politic (Weber County) is not providing the required oversight, where can the citizens affected turn to?

Laura Hunt said...

It looks like Mountain Sewer may be in for a rough time. If their books are not accurate, it provides a target rich environment for tax (both State and Federal)
questions, and questions on how the sewer company has recorded customer payments and used the collected income from their customers.

Pistol Pete II said...

Catanzaro' s carless approach to everything will show up in the audit of his corporation. An audit should be conducted of Lakeview Water as well.

He disdains book keeping and communication with his customers. He likes to smooze with Bischoff and the like. Bischoff was his protector on the Weber County Commission and opposed any move by the oversight service district to clamp down on his poor operation at Mountain Sewer.

He had some help from some people in the planning group and their names will probably come forward in any investigation.

It's about time said...

Wouldn't you know Bischoff would be in Catanzero's back pocket. And the lucky folks in Ogden get the chance to elect Ken Bischoff to lead their fine city with honor.

Lonesome George said...

It sounds like the real bad guys and gals here are Mountain Sewer and a close second, the Weber County Commissioners.

Both Mountain Sewer and Weber County seem to act like victims, and not like people that care about the harm to customers that occurs when they do not provide the proper service or the required government oversight for a monopoly service.

Citizens affected cannot just go to another similar business for these services, so the body politic must insure the business is run properly within the regulations and tariffs.