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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Weber County Commissioners to appeal the the 2nd District Court order

From today's Weber County Forum we read an update in todays Standard Examiner:

In addition, a back page 4B blurb that states the Weber County Commissioners unanimously voted to appeal the the 2nd District Court order regarding appointment of the Powder Mountain Town government.


Bo said...

Hurray for our Weber County Commissioners! They stand up for what is right and back the poor citizens of Powderville. It is nice to know at least some politicians are there for the right reasons.

True but.... said...

That is true to a point, but say finally said "enough is enough" late in the game.

They should have and could have stood up to the scum bags much earlier in the process, but maybe it will work out for the better to drag out the litigation. This could be tied up for years and will not bode well on the developers pocketbook, not to mention the great media coverage they continue to receive.

Thomas Jefferson said...

Our Weber County Commissioners are part of the growth/tax syndrome. They long ago could have said to Powder Mountain that they would never sign off on an incorporation that denied the civil rights of their constituents! They should have stood tall in defense of their own county residents. That would have forced the issue into Federal Court a long time ago.